VoIP Service/Support

Consulting and support for complete PBX replacement to enhance operations, develops VOIP Applications and Systems to provide the ideal solution for your needs. From call centers to single phone homes, our voice and network engineers will develop the proper solution to fit your needs. From planning to deployment to service, we provide you with a one-stop VOIP solutions. Making the change to VoIP can result in a stable communication platform, with minimal costs. Most clients receive an immediate cost savings and improved communications. Our Voice Engineers are experts in their fields. Providing open source VOIP solutions, more than 15 years of experience working with carriers, enterprise sized businesses, and SMB clients. From call centers to PBX replacement, carriers to end users, we can create the VOIP solution you need for today's connected world. We also offer emergency support of your existing VoIP system.

Premise/Cloud PBX

Our consultants are certified 3CX and Asterisks engineers providing enterprise VOIP solutions for many small to large business customers. Many companies aren’t a fit for Hosted/Cloud VOIP services and require something different but need the features that a legacy system can’t provide. Premise or Cloud based IP servers offer businesses the flexibility to expand extensions, IVR’s, hunt groups without a per license cost, more control, reporting and management capability. We provide the SIP trunks from multiple carriers for redundancy and reliability, flat rate billing or per minute billing.

Hosted PBX/VOIP Service

The phone system comes with 40+ business-class features built in, and numerous premium features are available to add to the system as needed. Standard Features Include:
  • IVR/virtual receptionist
  • On-hold music + custom messaging options
  • Dynamic caller ID
  • Business Desktop (+ free plugins)
  • Business Mobile (apps for iOS®, Android®)
  • Admin portal + reporting
  • Directory assistance
  • Call announce
  • Call conference (three-way calling)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call continuity (emergency rerouting)
  • Voicemail + voicemail to email
  • Custom tagging
  • Follow me
  • Multiple devices on one extension
  • Outlook integration
  • Unified inbox (fax, email, voicemail, etc.)
  • Add-on features include call monitoring, conference bridges, on-demand call recording, paperless fax call queues, and other call options to enhance your business communications.
  • Packages/Plans

    To ensure you get the best plan to serve your business, we offer several plans that can be further customized based on specific needs. Depending on the plan, pricing starts as low as $19.99 and can vary based on the number of business lines, or extensions, requested.
    Unlimited Extensions: This is the most popular service plan because it allows business professionals to make flat rate, unlimited calls each month with no contract. An ideal plan when company employees make high-volume calls in the continental U.S. or Canada
    Virtual Extensions: This is ideal for the mobile work force. You can either connect employees to a business number through their cell phones or give them a dedicated direct dial number that forwards to the employee’s mobile phone, giving you the assurance that you can contact them. Compatible with all types of cell phones, inbound calls are unlimited and designated voicemail boxes can be set up if call forwarding is not the ideal choice.

    Customer Support/Ease of Setup

    Knowledgeable tech support professionals are dedicated to helping customers make the most of their business phone system – assisting with everything from initial set up of features to general use questions to network assistance. These representatives are accessible daily – and after hours for emergency needs. Customers can reach out by phone, email or by submitting a ticket through the website. System setup is efficient and fast, and representatives will assist in carrying over existing numbers.

    Bottom Line

    The package options are flexible and the features are extensive. If you’re looking for reliable business phone solution – tailored to your company – then we are the right provider for you.

    Virtual Phone Service


    Based on receiving incoming calls and projecting a professional image of your company to customers, giving your business the ability to run solely on cell phones and the virtual system. Range of options:

  • Select toll-free, local or vanity numbers
  • Access unlimited extensions
  • Access voicemails by e-mail and online
  • Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Enable call forwarding to anywhere in the world
  • Unrestricted contracts – alter, change or terminate at any time
  • No hardware required no get started
  • Find me/Follow me feature allows configuration of dates and times per number
  • Free additional phone lines
  • Use of phone lines rather than broadband gives it a distinct advantage over the competition when it comes to call quality because it doesn’t rely on your internet connection.

    Ease of Setup

    Setting up your virtual system can be done entirely online and requires no installation or hardware, as the network taps into existing phone lines. Through this rapid set-up, you can choose the use your existing number or select an entirely new one. You can also set up your greeting here, construct call menus and add extensions. It’s an incredibly easy and simple process, one of the most intuitive we’ve come across.